Welcome to Berlin

You have come to Berlin to live in Germany. You want to learn german quickly and find a job or an apprenticeship.

Counselling and information are very important at this point. We would like to help you feel at home in Berlin as quickly as possible and have compiled some information about work and education for you here.

Preliminary information and advice can be found here:

Welcome centre Berlin:
Link: Willkommenszentrum

Counselling centre at the Berlin representation for integration:
Link: Integrationsberatung Berlin

Berlin’s refugee policies:
Link: Flüchtlingspolitik Berlin

Federal Republic of Germany: Federal bureau for migration and refugees(BAMF):

Link: BAMF/Willkommen

Work and education

It is important to establish a vocation, either by starting an apprenticeship/ studying or by finding a job.

Integration and language courses in Berlin

Learning German and growing accustomed to the new environment as soon as possible is vital in order to start your new life. German language and integration courses are offered in various educational institutes in Berlin.

Learn more about the opportunities here:
Link: Sprachkurse
WDB Suchportal

Recognition of foreign diplomas, certificates and qualifications

If you have already completed some formal education, vocational training or an apprenticeship and want your qualifications to be regconised in Germany, you can find out more about your opportunities here:




Link: Styleguide_V13dig.pdf